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This popular software has graced exam room walls in thousands of clinics large and small since 2001.  Features in the NCI OcuTest software include:

  • Use remote control simultaneously with other programs!
  • easy setup and calibration
  • secondary display shows contents of patient’s view
  • User-definable fixation/education videos and pictures
  • NEW Automated Touchscreen monitor Keypad

1.       OcuTest Silver

A favorite of small clinics, large specialty clinics, refractive surgeons and value conscious practitioners, contains all of the standard vision tests and more, meticulously researched and implemented to the highest standards of accuracy.  Please note: only the OcuTest Silver can be used on a flash drive with no installation or installed on a computer and, of course, all OcuTest systems work with multiple monitors.

2.       OcuTest Gold

This software suite is used by the majority of NCI clinics nationwide. It has all of the features of OcuTest Silver plus: allows customization of all of the screen presentations (the number of letters across and number of lines down, set your own default letters and eliminate letters from the display, etc.), runs the external stereo module, optional phoropter interface, DVD player, optional calibrated letter contrast module, on-screen keypad.

3.       OcuTest Platinum

Used by universities, hospitals and pediatric clinics.  It has more extensive pediatric tests along with all of the standard tests found in OcuTest Gold.  A doctor from pediatrics to retinal specialty can find the tests they need. Comes standard with the stereo module.

4.       OcuTest Extended

This is the software that is used by the air force to test color vision in pilots and is deployed on every active duty U.S. air force base in the world.  Calibrated to the highest degree of accuracy, it contains the air force validated cone contract automated color test, automated night vision test, automated contrast sensitivity test, automated contrast acuity test, an interactive Amsler grid and provides graphic reports. The data is stored in an encrypted data file.


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